Fall is almost here! According to The Boston Globe, it appears that the demand for pumpkin spice increases as soon as the air begins to feel crisp. Customers eagerly anticipate the arrival of their favourite products, and according to Study Finds, fall is the season most people identify with their preferred seasonal cuisine. In addition to pumpkin spice, flavours inspired by apple pie and apple cider are also available. Some pecan praline products are also available as a homage to the Thanksgiving holiday's prized pie (via Study Finds). Of course, not all seasonal foods are sweets. Many fast food restaurants provide turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes sandwiches, along with some cranberry sauce for good measure (so does Wawa). https://mcdvoiceo.shop https://tellthebello.shop https://krogerfeedbacka.shop https://talktowendysu.shop https://pandaguestexperienceu.shop https://wwwlowescomsurvey.shop https://dgcustomerfirstu.shop https://itellculvers.shop https://jacklistenso.shop https://biglotscomsurveyo.shop https://talktostopandshopo.shop The market for seasonal love hasn't entirely been cornered by fall, either. When it comes to nostalgic pleasures, Christmas is no slouch. While everything is peppermint-flavored around the holidays, hot chocolate also makes a grand appearance in the winter. For a satisfying cold-weather beverage, hot chocolate is difficult to top. Although it is rarely the best, egg nog has a devoted following (per Wide Open Eats). Although fall and winter foods often have superior flavours, there is one seasonal fast food that people wish they could have all year round.

Wishlist – [ NGK ]

Adding some of my current wishes here. There is no order here. I will add more once it strikes my mind. A few of them are easier that money can buy it at any time and rest of them will be hard. I need to work more to earn it or achieve it. I don’t believe in doing 30 things under 30 or 40 things under 40.

office space

Build a 100+ people team of my own firm

Go for trekking whenever possible. More than 40 trekking done already. Target is to reach 100.
Buy a SUV Car – Bought a SUV car in September 2018
Small Bunglow
Small Bungalow. We own a home now. That’s all good for now 🙂 
Buy a windmill or build one on own
Be a part of Guinness record. Done in 2012 as part of the largest Microsoft hackathon. Though it is not an individual event.
Library at home
Library at home
Book all the seats and watch a movie alone
Convoy travel for a good cause
Convoy travel for a good cause
Want to become a Military personnel for a day!
Write a novel and publish it
Write a novel and publish it – My book is published in Oct 31 2018. Though it is not a novel, it is a technical book on Machine Learning
Lecturer at college. Already going as a guest lecturer to TCE at Madurai
Meeting with Thalaivar once. Can someone help me? 🙂 
File a patent. Previous attempt didn’t work
Get Ph.D degree
Get Ph.D degree. 
Million downloads of my app! :)
Million downloads of my app. It has been accomplished a few times :). Not my personal or own app though. Still waiting for it.
Cruise trip
Cruise trip. Did the trip at Vietnam in March 2022
Be a seller in a foreign market for sometime
Trip on a Chopper
Trip on a Chopper
Performance on a bigger stage as a pair. Not sure dancing or singing 😉
Travel around the world in a single trip
Travel around the world in a single trip
Climb on Everest. At least to the base camp.
Go on a Skuba diving
Go on Skuba diving – Did twice in 2018 at Gokarna and Goa
Grow coconut trees on own
Sky Diving. Did the dive on Dec 2022 at Dubai

Trip to AntarticaTrip to Antartica

Build a wooden house on my own
Do something great for the people around. Yet to figure out. Politics?may be.

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