Fall is almost here! According to The Boston Globe, it appears that the demand for pumpkin spice increases as soon as the air begins to feel crisp. Customers eagerly anticipate the arrival of their favourite products, and according to Study Finds, fall is the season most people identify with their preferred seasonal cuisine. In addition to pumpkin spice, flavours inspired by apple pie and apple cider are also available. Some pecan praline products are also available as a homage to the Thanksgiving holiday's prized pie (via Study Finds). Of course, not all seasonal foods are sweets. Many fast food restaurants provide turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes sandwiches, along with some cranberry sauce for good measure (so does Wawa). https://mcdvoiceo.shop https://tellthebello.shop https://krogerfeedbacka.shop https://talktowendysu.shop https://pandaguestexperienceu.shop https://wwwlowescomsurvey.shop https://dgcustomerfirstu.shop https://itellculvers.shop https://jacklistenso.shop https://biglotscomsurveyo.shop https://talktostopandshopo.shop The market for seasonal love hasn't entirely been cornered by fall, either. When it comes to nostalgic pleasures, Christmas is no slouch. While everything is peppermint-flavored around the holidays, hot chocolate also makes a grand appearance in the winter. For a satisfying cold-weather beverage, hot chocolate is difficult to top. Although it is rarely the best, egg nog has a devoted following (per Wide Open Eats). Although fall and winter foods often have superior flavours, there is one seasonal fast food that people wish they could have all year round.

What is coming up beyond 2050? – [ NGK ]
We are not alone in this universe
  1. New breed of Homo sapiens are coming soon
  2. Enhanced memory & decision making skills – You can swallow a pill and that will stimulate better neuron connectivity
  3. Devices that will understand and work along with your brain – Personal assistant that will understand how your brain think and try to reduce your future workload. Think you are playing chess. The chip injected in your body will ask your brain to do the right move
  4. Better connectivity protocol beyond Internet. Still we are in a world where we go to a place without any kind of connectivity. Right now, a nature’s disaster could easily separate a whole continent without any connectivity
  5. More dangerous weapons beyond nuclear bombs are coming up. It may be available already and deeply buried somewhere
  6. A leap on health industry to cure diseases. Tablets, tonics, ointments will be replaced by cloud based on-demand solutions
  7. We are not alone in this universe. An answer will be identified for this long standing question but not in the way we see in alien movies. All the living organisms need not contain DNA. Think beyond earth. New definition to life will be identified
  8. Connectivity between human will happen only on-demand
  9. Quick transportation. Rocket’s velocity will be achieved in-land.
  10. Alternative fuel will be identified. Its not solar, hydel or coal. That will make every industry to leap forward. Resistance to change will be a great barrier for this before coming into mass production.

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